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Where rescued animals rescue people

The Lucky Horse Sanctuary was founded in 2012 by Dr. Blair Barone, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  In June 2021, the farm received its 501(c)(3) status, as a not for profit public charity.

The farm was originally started to rehabilitate abused and neglected animals however it quickly expanded and began incorporating Animal Assisted Therapy practices using a Trauma Focus Cognitive Behavioral and Experiential approaches to treat individuals suffering from traumatic mental health symptoms and disorders.

It all began with a senior horse named ‘Lucky’…….

Dr. Barone rescued Lucky from an extremely abusive living situation.  Lucky was 30 years old at the time, isolated, abused, and neglected.  She was determined to change the rest of Lucky’s life.  However, it was Lucky that change her life as well as her approach to treating the mental health and wellness of her clients.

Dr. Barone immediately recognized Lucky’s immense value and dove straight into learning everything she could about caring for horses.  She decided to close her “traditional” private practice in Boca Raton, FL, and began holding client counseling sessions at the barn.  It was then the true healing began for Lucky AND her clients, well beyond the confinement of four walls.

Lucky lived out the rest of his life at the sanctuary with proper care and purpose.  He left behind an enormous legacy that continues today and inspired the creation of The Lucky Horse Sanctuary’s Programming:  The Therapeutic Farm & Horse Whisper Kids.

Today, The Lucky Horse Sanctuary is a healing and magical place that promotes wellness of the mind, body, and spirit, using rescued animals to guide clients through the journey of recovery, healing, and acceptance.

Horse’s death leaves void in psychologist’s heart, practice

Nine years ago, an elderly horse named Lucky was in bad shape when he was rescued by Dr. Blair Barone and her then 5-year-old son. Barone, a Harvard-educated child psychologist with an office in Boca Raton, was not a horse person.

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Dr. Blair Barone,
Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Blair Barone has more than 30 years’ experience providing Animal Assisted, trauma specific treatment to youth and young adults suffering from trauma-related experiences. Dr. Barone received her training from Harvard Medical School and is a licensed Clinical Psychologist.

As a former Director at Massachusetts General Hospital, she developed a highly successful trauma-specific treatment program for children and adolescents. At Boston Children’s Hospital, Dr. Barone was a senior supervisor pediatric psychologist, sharpening her clinical expertise in treating symptoms associated with psychological and emotional trauma.

Her passion for wellness eventually led to her transition from the medical model of care to one based in a holistic approach that has been shown more effective in treating the symptoms associated with traumatic exposure.

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